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Installing WampServer locally

WampServer is a Windows web application environment. It installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP, plus helpful utilities such as phpMyAdmin. Advertisements

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Updating a MySQL installation

The following presumes your MySQL installation is running on Linux, but the general concepts apply to any operating system. …

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Dropping a MySQL database

Dropping (deleting) a MySQL database is easy. Here is how to do it using phpMyAdmin, a tool commonly provided by web hosts. …

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Backing up and restoring a MySQL database

If you use a database, you need to back it up. More to the point, sooner or later you will need to restore it.

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Creating a MySQL database on remote web hosting

Different web hosts have different methods of creating databases, which are documented here. …

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Installing MySQL locally

MySQL is a popular relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses structured query language (SQL) for processing the data in the database. It is often used as part of a LAMP stack to accommodate a web application such as a … Continue reading

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