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Simple shared photo management

How I tamed my photo collection. Advertisements

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Cross platorm synchronization tips

Random gotchas I’ve encountered while synchronizing data across different platforms.

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Excluding files or directories in SpiderOakONE

To learn how exclusions work on SpiderOakONE, see the official Help Center article Excluding Certain Files from Backup.

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Synchronizing a single file with SpiderOak

SpiderOak makes synchronizing directories easy, but synchronizing an individual file takes a little work.

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Fixing thumbnails in SpiderOak sharerooms

The online backup service SpiderOak can optionally be used to create online photo galleries. Previous versions of it had problems generating image thumbnails; here’s how I dealt with it.

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Using SpiderOak

SpiderOak provides online backup, synchronization, sharing, and storage. The first two GB of online storage is free; paying customers get more. It’s my choice for backup.

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