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Freeing disk space on a shared hosting account

Recently my web host informed my that my account was over-quota on disk space usage. Here’s how I tracked down and fixed the problem. Advertisements

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Understanding mail at Pair Networks

How mail works at Pair Networks.

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Checking mailbox quotas and space used

Your users might not realize that they are reaching the quotas of their mailboxes. Here’s how to check how much space is being used.

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Manually backing up a hosted web site

Ideally all data associated with a web hosting account is being backed up automatically and often. Sometimes, however, you will want to manually back up some or all of the data. …

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Making additional domains work in Joomla on Pair Networks

How to add an additional domain to a Joomla installation hosted at Pair Networks to point to a particular subportion of that site.

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Adding a new web site to an existing shared hosting account on Pair Networks

Some clients underuse their web host’s resources and so multiple web sites and clients can be hosted on a single account. Here’s how.

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Installing and configuring Joomla

Joomla is a popular and simple content management system (CMS) to run on a LAMP installation.

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