Encryptr is a secure and easy to use password manager. By design it opts to be simple rather than full featured, to make it easier to audit the code and keep the bugs out. That means no browser integration, no tagging or sorting or classification of entries, no plethora of different kinds of entries, no web access… and no known security vulnerabilities. I’m happy to sacrifice a kitchen sink full of non-essential features in exchange for that last point. It is open source and available at no cost.

Two missing features that may be show stoppers for many are no import or export, and no offline support. They are coming, although very slowly.

To obtain Encryptr, download it from the maker’s website. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. For Linux users, DEBs and RPMs are available but repositories are not. Once downloaded, install it in the usual way for your operating system.


About Warren Post

So far: Customer support guy, jungle guide, IT consultant, beach bum, entrepreneur, teacher, diplomat, over-enthusiastic cyclist. Tomorrow: who knows?
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