Ripping CDs with Asunder

Asunder lets you save tracks from an audio CD in any of several formats. It’s lightweight and easy to use.

Install Asunder from your distribution’s software repository. Once installed, set any non-default preferences as desired. I set:

  • General – Destination folder: ~/tmp, which is not monitored by my backup utility. After encoding, I will check the tags and make any other changes as desired before moving to ~/Music.
  • General – Create M3U playlist: No
  • General – Eject disk when finished: Yes
  • Filenames – Album directory: %A /%L
  • Filenames – Music file: %T
  • Encode: As desired. I use ogg for files destined for my computers, and mp3 for files destined for my mobile phone that pathetically lacks ogg support. If you select more than one format then Asunder will encode to them all, so normally you will want to select only one here. And hey handset makers, get on the open source bus already. It’s not like the license fees are onerous or that you would have to remove mp3 support.

Press the CDDB Lookup button. If you’re lucky, details of your CD will be automatically retrieved; otherwise fill them in as desired. There is no option to submit your information to a CDDB server, nor is there a local cache where your edits are saved.

Select the tracks you want, then press Rip.

These notes refers to Asunder 2.2 and were last updated 28 November 2014.


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