Category managment in Evolution

Tips and tricks for managing categories in Evolution.Evolution lets you apply categories to appointments, contacts, meetings, memos, and tasks. Being so flexible, you will probably want to tweak them to fit your workflow.

When editing any element that you can assign a category, there is a Category button. Press it and the Categories window will open. Press New and a category properties dialog will open for your new category, with two fields: name and icon. All this is intuitive; the secret sauce is that you shouldn’t leave your new category without an icon, and it’s not clear where Evolution’s default category icons are. They are at /usr/share/pixmaps/evolution-data-server/ and are 16 x 16 PNGs. You may of course use any local icon found anywhere.

Given the relative ease of creating new memo and task lists vs. new categories, I presume that best practice is to use categories for enduring needs, and use memo and task lists for more ephemeral needs such as for ad hoc projects.

If you create a new category without assigning it an icon, the category does not appear in the category chooser. To correct this, open ~/.evolution/categories.xml in a text editor, find the category, and add an icon. Save. Restart Evolution.

These notes apply to Evolution 3.10 and were last updated 19 November 2014.


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