Keyboard configuration notes

Notes on keyboard configuration on Linux.

Most of the time, keyboards work out of the box for me, so I’ve had little need to learn the details. What follows are random scraps of knowledge I’ve picked up that are neither comprehensive nor organized.

On Debian (and presumably derivatives) the secret sauce is the keyboard-configuration package, which is often installed by default.

man keyboard says “The standard location of the keyboard file is /etc/default/keyboard. Description of all available keyboard models, layouts, variants and options is available in /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.lst.” On Linux Mint Debian Edition I see there two relevant layouts: es and latam. The latter file also defines 5 variants for es and 3 for latam; none of those variants seem to be relevant to my case.

I’m no fan of Wikipedia but it has the best article I’ve found on keyboard layout, including illustrations of the differences between the Spanish and Latin American keyboards.


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