Exporting Opera Mail contacts

Opera Mail does not have a native tool to export its contacts, but third-party tools exist to do the job.

Before you begin, clean up your contacts, making any changes you’ve been putting off, deleting old records, and of course emptying the trash.

The easiest way to export your Opera Mail contacts is with Hallvord’s online export to CSV tool. Being online, there’s nothing to install or configure. CSV output should handle most needs, but Hallvord’s site also has tools to export to other formats.

This tool’s big limitation is that it only exports name and email addresses, and other contact data is ignored. That’s why I use the next tool.

This great script does the job, completely and easily. Requires Perl and the Perl modules Getopt::Long, Text::CSV_XS, and Pod::Usage. Perl is included out of the box on most Linux distributions, and is available as a no cost download for Windows.

Save the code on your computer as operaadr2csv.pl, making it executable. Change the first line to point to Perl on your computer (on Linux this is often /usr/bin/perl). Then run the script:

./operaadr2csv.pl -i /path/to/contacts.adr

The script will export the contacts to the file addresses.csv.

If none of the above tools meet your needs, a web search turns up more alternatives.
Opera Mail contacts tips and tricks.


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