Installing CUPS

My notes as I attempt to learn how to install CUPS in a distribution-agnostic manner.

When I installed Mageia 2 on my main box, printing did not work automatically. There is an easy to use tool to set up printing in the Mageia Control Center (Hardware – Set up the printer), but wanting to learn the distro agnostic way to do things, I first tried to get it working myself. I manually installed CUPS and cups-pdf. I searched the repository for the package that provided the driver for my Samsung ML-1750 printer (urpmf samsung | grep 1750) and installed it (cups-drivers-splix). I started the CUPS service (as root, service cups start) and insured CUPS was set to run on boot. Nonetheless, the CUPS administration tool could not see my printer, even after restarting CUPS (service cups restart).

In the end I gave up and used Mageia’s tool, which installed some 300 MB of additional packages. It too couldn’t see my printer, even after restarting CUPS. Once I rebooted the computer, both the Mageia tool and CUPS saw my printer, which I was able to install and use without issue.

TODO: Learn a distro agnostic way of installing CUPS. Perhaps the only thing I failed to do was reboot the computer or (re)start some service other than CUPS after installing the needed packages.

REFERENCES — note the distinction between server and client.


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