Mageia 2 installation notes

Notes taken during a clean install of Mageia 2.

When in October 2012 I decided Linux Mint was not for me, I replaced it with Mageia 2 on my main box, Verdi. These notes are a supplement to my notes on installing a new distribution.

Playing with live CD (graphics configuration, etc.). Installing to VirtualBox (kernel boot option “text”, etc). Preparation (partitions, UID, etc.).

1st try: custom partitions, which I screwed up and forgot to mount /home. Duh.

2nd try: let installer do it, formatting only /, and partitions came out well. I accepted installer’s offer to remove unneeded localizations and hardware support; see missing locale noted and fixed below. (Note my nonstandard locale needs.) I had all peripherals connected and turned on, but my printer was not detected.

First boot configuration: Xguest account: I didn’t see the option to not create it, so it was silently created. Created myself with UID 1000 (nondefault). GUI configuration hung at this point; I went to console to reboot. Saw an error message of a missing locale; installing locales-es fixed it. Rebooted from console.

On second boot, the 1st boot configuration finished running without problem and all was well.

Remove user Xguest, group live, directory ~/live. Set to not autologin on boot. Removed unneded files autocorr-* and kde-l10n-en_GB. Install other users, manually setting UIDs. Updated. Set other users’ locale to es_HN.

To my surprise, CUPS was not installed out of the box. There is an easy to use tool to set up printing in the Mageia Control Center (Hardware – Set up the printer), which installed some 300 MB of additional packages. It couldn’t see my printer, even after restarting the CUPS service. Once I rebooted the computer, both the Mageia tool and the CUPS web interface saw my printer, which I was able to install and use without issue.

TODO: Presumably a reboot wasn’t necessary and I only had to (re)start some service other than CUPS. Presumably I could have manually installed only what I needed and ended up with a lighter box. Investigate and document.

My scanner worked out of the box with no configuration needed.

Hibernation (pm-hibernate) works, but (in a regression from Mandriva on this hardware) there is no splash screen during hibernation and thaw, and there is X screen corruption upon thaw. man pm-utils mentions quirks options, but the one that addresses my symptom is clearly marked “Using this feature on Intel graphics hardware is probably a bad idea.”

Tweak Xfce.

Set up user images on the login screen.

Distributions with similar goals to that of Mageia include OpenSUSE, Mepis, and Fusion.

The Mageia project site has a wiki, errata, and support forums.
Distrowatch’s Mageia page
The newsgroup alt.os.linux.mageia is one of the best distro-specific groups I’ve found


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