Excluding files or directories in SpiderOakONE

To learn how exclusions work on SpiderOakONE, see the official Help Center article Excluding Certain Files from Backup.


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4 Responses to Excluding files or directories in SpiderOakONE

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  2. Konstantin says:

    Hi Warren!

    Thanks for your post! I tried to exclude a folder /foo/bar/foobar by adding ‘/foo/bar/foobar/*’ and ‘*/foo/bar/foobar/*’ but it didn’t work. Also ‘*/bar/foobar/*’ does not work.

    Can you only exclude folders but not partial paths? Why is that?

    • Warren Post says:

      Trying to answer your question, all I have discovered so far is that I don’t understand this as well as I thought I did. As it stands now, my information here is both incomplete and inaccurate. I’ll keep trying to understand and will update here as I do. In them meantime, perhaps this will help:


    • Warren Post says:

      After some thought I decided the best thing to do was rewrite the official SpiderOak FAQ (link above) and merely link to it from here rather than try to duplicate official information on my personal blog. If there is anything unclear in the FAQ, your best bet would be to address them to the SpiderOak support staff at support@spideroak.com. That said, as the author of that FAQ I’d be happy to entertain questions or comments about it here as well.

      To answer your specific question, slashes and backslashes are not allowed in wildcards. Because slashes and backslashes cannot be included, full paths will not work, nor will partial paths containing slashes or backslashes such as ‘/foo/bar/*’. If you want to exclude a particular file or folder, the easiest way to do so is to open the Backup tab and deselect it there.

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