External Scripts for Opera

External Scripts is an extension for the Opera browser that is an improvement on Firefox’s NoScripts, providing JavaScript blocking with an easier to use interface and options that make it appropriate for users of all types.

Prepare Opera for External Scripts by opening Opera’s configuration editor (opera:config) and in the Persistent Storage section set the value “User JS Storage Quota” to at least ?? KB. (TODO: How much should be recommended here? Comments on the developer’s blog say 50 and 1000.) Press “Save”. Restart Opera, then install the extension in the usual way.

Once installed, press the External Scripts button in the address bar (usually in the upper right corner of the browser). A drop-down box will appear below the address bar containing all JavaScript referenced on the active page. In the right margin of the drop-down are several buttons leading to configuration settings. Press the “S” (settings) button and configure as desired. For highest security, select “other domain” and “same domain” to blacklist all scripts by default: it blocks all scripts not specifically authorized. A reasonable set and forget configuration to protect naïve end users from themselves is to select only “other domain”.

I also select “ignore query string” to enable most websites’ search boxes.

TODO: Finish this section.

Facebook users will want to install Facebook Blocker. It allows you to block Facebook scripts from running while on third-party sites. When you’re on Facebook itself, scripts run fine if they are allowed in External Scripts.

If you uninstall External Scripts later, consider returning User JS Storage Quota to its default value of 0.

NotScripts is very popular. External Scripts++ is now under development; it will use widget storage instead of script storage and thus be at least theoretically able to synchronize configuration files between installations using third-party services such as SpiderOak.

These notes were last updated on 12 September 2011 with reference to External Scripts 1.21 on Opera 12.02.


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10 Responses to External Scripts for Opera

  1. BS-Harou says:

    Hi,thank you for your interest in my External Scripts extension. I will answer to your comment here. You won't find the storage in the widget folder as I don't use the widget storage to save it. I use "script storage" instead. That is because it originally was an User JavaScript and not an extension. I'm not entirely sure where the script storage is on disk, but I think it is probably in same folder where opera saves normal "local storage" (profile/pstorage).___________________________________________________________If you like this extension, you might be also interested in my not-yet-public Opera 12.10+ only External Scripts++ extension I'm working on right now.http://files.myopera.com/BS-Harou/files/external-scripts.oexIt works very similar as the original extension with several exceptions:It uses the new URL Filter API (new in Opera 12.10) to block scriptsThis new extension does not allow/block scripts for every domain separately, but it has rather one big list for all sites.Because of the one big list there is no more any white-list. If you set the "disable all scripts from other domain" settings and than allow e.g. Google Analytics on one site it will be allowed everywhere. So you can actually white-list it this way.It uses new Page Visibility API (Opera 12.10+) to better display the count of blocked scripts.Data are finally stored in widget storage (not in "script storage" so you don't have to set any JS Quota in settings anymore)It has smaller "injected script" so it should consume less memory.There is a tooltip on the extension button with list of blocked scripts (if any).Note that it is still in beta state and there might be some bugs!Cheers,Martin

  2. BS-Harou says:

    On second thought, I might add the white-list again. But it will work differently than before. It will just automatically "allow" each item in list every time you set "block all".

  3. BS-Harou says:

    Originally posted by wpost:

    so I seem to be stuck.

    Once Opera 12.10 reaches final version you can use the new extension. It should be then possible to sync only the desired data as they will be stored somewhere in the widget folder.

  4. wpost says:

    Many thanks for the quick reply, Martin. Using the clues you provided I've found what I presume is the script storage directory on Windows, %drive%UsersUSERAppDataLocalOperaOperapstorage. My Opera installation is using script storage for a lot of things, not just External Scripts. I don't immediately see how to synchronize only that storage used by External Scripts, so I seem to be stuck. Thanks anyway.Regarding External Scripts++, that sounds exciting and I'll give it a try as soon as I get around to trying Opera 12.10.

  5. BS-Harou says:

    Originally posted by alekksander:

    You planning to switch External Scripts to External Scripts++ in Operas extensions catalog?

    I do, but it might still take some time :) E.g. I need some API enhacments before adding the white-list

  6. alekksander says:

    Thanks for pointing me this post Martin!I'd strongly encourage You to implement White list. Personally i use few opera installations (testing purposes), and white list would really make "job" easier, especially because it's too easy to loose existing script (list) preferences. As for now i can see some bugs in this extension (orand Opera next), but i will start to report once Opera 12.10 and External Scripts++ will reach final. Are You planning to switch External Scripts to External Scripts++ in Operas extensions catalog?

  7. BS-Harou says:

    Any place we can look for recent changes made to ES++?

    There probably won't be any 'till Opera implements the URL Filter API extension.

  8. alekksander says:

    Any place we can look for recent changes made to ES++?

  9. anonymous says:

    Anonim writes:any progress here?

  10. BS-Harou says:

    nope, not really. Still waiting for extended API.

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