NX remote desktop

My notes as I try to get NX remote desktop software accessible from my box.

TODO: Make NX work on my box and finish documenting it. Describe, here or elsewhere, the strengths and weaknesses of NX vs. alternatives.

It is claimed on the web that desktop sharing is not possible with NX, but upon installing the server the following scrolled by on the terminal:

Session Shadowing and Desktop Sharing

The session shadowing functionality allows you to share NX sessions
running on the node. The desktop sharing functionality instead, gives
access to the native display of the X server as if you were in front
of the monitor. By default you can access sessions in interactive mode
and upon authorization of the session owner. You can modify this behaviour by tuning the server configuration according to your needs, for example by allowing access to sessions in view-only mode, or connecting to either a suspended session or the local display via the Desktop Manager login window.

NX runs over ssh, so ensure you have set up sshd properly and that you can ssh into the server from wherever you will want to run an NX client.

The website states “Installation of NX Server for Linux requires the download and installation of three packages: client, node and server. The client is needed because it ships libraries used by the node. The node is needed because it ships tools needed by the server. Furthermore, the SSH server daemon (SSHD) needs to be up and running on each of the NX Node machines since NX relies on the mechanism provided by the SSH subsystem for handling user authentication.” So:

Install (in order) NX Client, NX Node, and the server NX Free. The installation documentation told me nothing I didn’t already know. Do read the messages that scroll by on the terminal after installing the server, however, and ensure nothing is amiss.

On the computer’s application menu, launch Internet – NX Client for Linux – NX Connection Wizard. Follow the wizard’s instructions, providing your own box’s information. Then connect to yourself to test all is well. Shut down the session. The server is now working.

Install NX Client as above. On the application menu, launch Internet – NX Client for Linux – NX Connection Wizard. Follow the wizard’s instructions, providing the wizard with the credentials of the server you just installed. Then connect to it to test that all is well.

Wikipedia: NX Technology
NX Client Guide
If NX doesn’t meet your remote desktop needs, there are alternatives


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