CiviCRM profile listings on Joomla

How to display profile listings in CiviCRM on Joomla. …

Note: For now, this is where I jot my notes as I try to get profile listings to display as I require. Once I figure it out, I'll turn these notes into a more practical how-to. Reader comments wanted.

CiviCRM has extensive documentation, but I find it hard to locate what I need. (This might be more a reflection of my lack of familiarity with the subject than on the quality of the project documentation.) Of what I do find, much of it is Drupal-specific with no clear indication of how to use it in Joomla. Here is what I am learning on the subject.

Example (retrieved 16.3.2012) of how one user did it, using unknown versions of Civi and Joomla. Hacking the URL, the parameters appear to be:

  1. option=com_civicrm: Tells Joomla to use CiviCRM
  2. view=Profiles: Seems to have no effect and can be omitted
  3. layout=search: Seems to have no effect and can be omitted
  5. force=1: Causes results to be shown; omitting it causes only a search box to be shown

However, placing similar parameters in my domain fail, presumably because I use a different version of Civi and/or Joomla.

The closest I can get is a search form, which when used with null parameters gives me what I want at this URL:

The parameters appear to be:

  1. option=com_civicrm: Omitting it generates a 404
  2. task=civicrm/profile: Omitting it gives no error, but null content
  3. Itemid=170: Joomla's menu item ID; omitting it gets what I want except that Joomla loses its place in the navigation and thinks it's at the docroot (breadcrumbs, menu)
  4. _qf_Search_display=true: Omitting it seems to have no effect
  5. qfKey=d11564cffc8765b90bb223d248d9ec58_8685: Omitting it seems to have no effect

So one solution would be to link directly to the URL using "External Link" in Joomla:

…but because the URL references the menu ID, the referenced menu item must be published and public. If unpublished, Joomla again loses its place in the navigation; if not public, Joomla will not display the data and prompts for login.

This document (very useful) suggests that the following parameters are available in Civi 4.1:

  • reset=1: If you don't use this, then after viewing one profile you won't see any other profile but the first one. Perhaps it means "we need a new cookie here, so throw away any old ones you have and get a new one"?
  • gid=N: Profile number N (see Administer – Customize – CiviCRM Profile)
  • force=1: Have the group members appear automatically; don't require the visitor to perform a search
  • search=0: Suppress search form

It does not mention the parameter task=civicrm/profile, which as noted above is needed. So what works is a menu item which is a Joomla external URL pointing to:

…with Joomla's lost navigation, as noted above.

Still to do:

* Deal with Joomla's lost navigation. Idea: Turn off breadcrumbs module for that menu item from within the menu item. DONE, works.
* Suppress the unsightly "Mostrar contactos donde:
Contactos 1% Emprendimientos Cane AND Estado del Grupo – "Added"" that comes before the contact list. Ideas: Use CSS to suppress its display. Look at source of the example cited above.

CiviCRM user and administrator guide: Organising your data: Profiles. See in particular the section "Linking to Your Directory".

Configuring Front-end Profile Listings and Forms in Joomla! Sites

"Profile Search and Listing" in Linking Profiles


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