Using JoomEdit

JoomEdit is a visual JavaScript editor for Joomla. It is the only tool I know that allows you to build dynamic scripts in Joomla without coding.

JoomEdit requires Gears and a Gears-compatible browser on the development computer, so install them before continuing. The developer states that a future release of JoomEdit will eliminate that dependency.

Gears is only needed on the development computer. The generated code is added to the desired pages such that site visitors need nothing more than any JavaScript-enabled browser.

Download JoomEdit from OSTraining. You will need to provide an email address, after which the page will refresh and a download link will appear. On one browser with secure settings, the download link did not appear; using a different browser with out-of-the-box promiscuous settings worked.

JoomEdit is installed in Joomla like any extension. Once installed, go to Extensions – Module Manager – Site and open the JoomEdit module. The following settings worked for me:

  • Details – Show Title: Hide
  • Details – Position: Debug
  • Details – Status: Published
  • Details – Access: Special
  • Menu Assignment – Module Assignment: Only on the pages selected
  • Menu Assignment – Menu Selection: Select one page to use for testing
  • Basic Options – Edit Mode: On

In the “Place deployed code here” space, paste the following:

// <![CDATA[
javascript" src="/modules/mod_joomedit/jquery/jquery-plus-jquery-ui.js">
// ]]>	 	

Save your changes.

See the users guide. I find that the page formats poorly and text is truncated, so I disable CSS in my browser to read it.

Installation and use walkthrough
Users guide


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