Using Gears

Gears (a.k.a. Google Gears) has been depreciated, but a number of current projects haven't yet migrated away from it. If you use one of those projects, here's what you need to know. …

Being discontinued, Gears only works on the platforms and browser versions that were supported at the time of cancellation. I haven't found an authoritative list, but useful information can be inferred from this third party download page.

The Windows download is an executable containing Gears and is reported to work in the following browsers:

  • Firefox/Win: 3.6 and 4
  • Internet Explorer: 7 and 8

I have confirmed it works in Firefox 3.6.27 on Windows 7 SP1, 32 bits. It can be uninstalled like any application.

The "Linux" download is a Firefox add-on containing Gears 0.3 and is reported to work in Firefox 3.6 and 4 on any operating system. I do not know the source of this add-on, and notice that it is not in the official Firefox add-ons directory. It should be uninstallable like any Firefox add-on.

As of this writing, Firefox 3.6 is the only Gears-supporting browser that remains officially supported, so it is my choice for this use. For what its worth, however, it is reported that some older unsupported versions of Chrome and Safari had Gears built in.

Visit a web page that uses Gears, such as this JoomEdit demo. Gears should ask you if you wish to allow the site to store data on your computer. If you accept, then the Gears-enabled application should run.

Gears blog


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