Using Remember The Milk on the Alcatel OT-355A mobile phone

Remember The Milk (RTM) is a powerful online task management service — so powerful that my rather limited Alcatel OT-355A mobile phone has trouble with it. Here’s what works and what doesn’t.

RTM’s mobile version works better on my phone than the desktop browser version. The phone’s OEM browser does not remember accepted SSL certificates, so using the HTTPS version (which I recommend) will give you the minor annoyance of having to accept the certificate every time you log in.

The mobile version is nearly full featured, and has a feature organization optimized for mobile needs.

To subscribe to a list’s feed on the phone, you must first publish the list — that is, make it public. This naturally has privacy implications. In RTM while viewing the desired list, make sure no tasks are selected. In the right margin, open the Publish tab and select “Make this list public”. Still in the right margin, switch to the List tab and take note of the URL of the “Atom” link.

In the phone, create a new feed. For the URL, enter RTM’s Atom link. The phone does not support Atom feeds, so replace /atom/ in the URL with /rss/. Done.

To increase your privacy, RTM offers authenticated feeds requiring your username and password embedded in the URL, but this phone does not support it.

Here too using HTTPS will generate an “unknown certificate” message every time you attempt to update the feed. The feed can be set in the phone to periodically update itself automatically, so here I sacrifice privacy for convenience and use plain HTTP. This also requires disabling “Always Use HTTPS” in RTM’s settings (Settings – General). When accessing RTM in my browser I enforce HTTPS use with the NotScripts extension.


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