Quod Libet

Quod Libet is the most flexible and powerful audio player I know, yethas a clean design and is easy to use.

GTK using gstreamer. Multi-platform. Unusually flexible; the developers say “it’s designed around the idea that you know how to organize your music better than we do.” Outstanding built-in tag editor. Supports the composer tag, and indeed every tag I’ve tried. Many plugins. My current favorite on both Linux and Windows.

Some distros carry Quod Libet in their repositories, or you can get the code.

On Mageia 2 and openSUSE 13.1, Quod Libet would segfault when finishing one MP3 track and attempting to play a second. Updating gstreamer plugins resolved the issue.

On Mageia 2 with Xfce, Quod Libet crashed with the error “glib.GError: Icon ‘gtk-media-pause’ not present in theme”. Changing the Xfce icon set (from the application menu, Settings – Settings Manager – Appearance) from the default Oxygen to either Gnome or Tango resolved the issue. There may also be other icon sets that work.

On openSUSE 13.1 using the Oxygen icon set, Quod Libet’s volume control icon was replaced by an error symbol. The volume control itself worked fine; this was merely an aesthetic problem caused by missing icons. Adding the appropriate symbolic links (ln -s /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/status/audio* /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/status) resolved the issue.

On Mageia 2, Quod Libet ignored Xfce’s default web browser and used Firefox. Thanks to the Quod Libet development group I determined the problem was on my system rather than in Quod Libet. To select the browser to use, Quod Libet tries gnome-open, xdg-open, sensible-browser, and $BROWSER, presumably in that order. On my system gnome-open was installed and pointing to Firefox, despite Gnome itself not being installed. uninstalling libgnome2, which provides gnome-open, resolved the problem (and cleaned up some Gnome stuff that didn’t belong on the box anyway).

On Mageia 2, it is possible to unintentionally open multiple instances. I never did find how to stop this behavior.

On Linux, Quod Libet’s per-user configuration and data files are found at ~/.quodlibet/. Useful files to back up are:

  • playlists/
  • config
  • feeds
  • stations

These files are small but change frequently while they are in use, so users of rsync-like backup solutions will soon accumulate thousands of copies of each. Consider having cron perform a once-daily copy of them to a temporary location and point your rsync-like backup tool to that.

Quod Libet rocks my world, but if it doesn’t meet your needs there are plenty of alternative audio players.

Quod Libet’s project site, documentation, and support.


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