Backing up the Opera browser

Files to back up if you use the Opera browser. These notes consider only backing up Opera as a browser. If you use Opera as a mail or Usenet client or as a feed reader, those cases are considered separately.

Where Opera’s per-user files are found depends on which operating system you use.

  • Linux: ~/.opera/
  • Windows Vista or later: %sysdrive%\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\
  • Windows PortableApps: %drive%\PortableApps\OperaPortable\

I back up:

  • dictionaries/foo.oow (words you added to your spell check dictionaries, replacing foo with each dictionary’s name)
  • sessions/ (your saved sessions, replacing foo with each session’s name)
  • toolbar/ (your customized toolbar setup)
  • cookies4.dat (master cookie file)
  • opcert6.dat (personal certificates)
  • operaprefs.ini (general settings)
  • override.ini (site specific settings)

TODO: Document how to back up the per-user preferences of extensions. This is perhaps best documented in each extension’s article and not here. In the meantime, I back up the ~/.opera/widgets/ directory, which is overkill but presumably contains what I want.

I use the Opera Link synchronization service, so I do not need to back up the following. If you do not use Opera Link, then consider backing up:

  • bookmarks.adr (bookmarks)
  • global_history.dat (history)
  • notes.adr (notes)
  • search.ini (search engines)
  • speeddial.ini (Speed Dial settings)
  • typed_history.xml (history)
  • urlfiler.ini (blocked content)
  • wand.dat (password manager data)

These notes are based on Opera 11.61/Linux and were last updated 14 February 2012.

Opera Software’s list of files to back up


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