Setting up multiple identities in Opera Mail

Opera Mail does not support multiple identities, but if you’re willing to settle for limited functionality, a kludge is possible to give a drop-down list of addresses to choose from as your address when you send a message.

These notes are based on Opera 11.60 and assume you have already configured Opera Mail generally.

Aside from my main mail account, I have a forwarding address for each of my clients (,, etc.). I like have my mail appear to come from the address appropriate for each recipient. This is called having multiple identities. Opera Mail doesn’t support multiple identities, but an ugly kludge is possible.

Specifically, you’ll set up a new account using the address desired, but you won’t configure an incoming server, only an outgoing one. Then you configure Opera Mail to not check that account for new mail or display it. I use IMAP, so the instructions below reflect that, but the process should be similar for POP users.

Step by step the process is:

1. Open the account properties of your main mail account and make note of the configuration in the Servers, Outgoing, and IMAP tabs.

2. Create a new email account, supplying whatever name and email address you desire to use for your new identity. Provide the login name, password, and outgoing server of your main mail account. Press “finish”. Now open the new account for editing and make the following changes:

  • General – Account Category: Multiple identities
  • Servers – Incoming Server: Leave blank
  • Servers – Outgoing Server: Insure all information matches your main mail account’s outgoing server configuration
  • Incoming: Do not check for new messages every X minutes; do not include this account when checking manually
  • Outgoing: Configure per your preferences
  • IMAP: Configure per your preferences

3. Your new account will now appear in Opera Mail. Hover your mouse over it and a wrench icon will appear. Click on it and under “Customize” choose to hide the account.

Repeat the above steps for any other identities you wish to create.

Henceforth when composing a new message, your new identities will appear in a drop-down list.

Messages sent from an identity as set up above are not copied to your IMAP sent mail folder. If you need full multiple identity support, you’ll be happier with a supporting mail client such as Evolution or Thunderbird.


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3 Responses to Setting up multiple identities in Opera Mail

  1. anonymous says:

    Mail Wizard writes:To collect 'sent' messages from these other identities in the main IMAP 'Sent' folder, send all outgoing email to the IMAP account by putting it into the default 'bcc:' in the settings for the additional 'dummy' account, then set up a filter for incoming email on the IMAP account to achieve the desired view (eg label 'Dummy account Sent'), etc.

  2. wpost says:

    Great tip; thanks!

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