Backup considerations for LibreOffice

LibreOffice files that can be excluded from your backup routine. …

Some of LibreOffice's files can be excluded from your backup routine. Taking ~/.libreoffice/?/ as the base directory, where /?/ represents a random number, I exclude:

  • user/backup/
  • user/temp
  • user/uno_packages/

If you use a sync-based backup, you may also want to exclude these files. They are not themselves so large, but being often-changing, their many historical versions can overrun your storage space:

  • user/registrymodifications.xcu
  • .~lock*

The latter is a temporary file created when a document is opened for editing by LibreOffice, so is found in any directory where a document opened by LibreOffice might be.

TODO: The above is for Linux; provide similar information for Windows. Replace the above blacklists with a short whitelist of files that are useful to back up (e.g. stored user preferences).

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