Opera 12 extensions

Opera extensions are analogous to add-ons for Firefox; they extend Opera’s functionality.

These notes are based on Opera 12.16 and were last updated 10 November 2013. The extension framework was changed for Opera 15, so recent versions of Opera require different extensions.

Extensions are found in the extension catalog. By default they are installed to ~/.opera/widgets on Linux. An extension ends with .ocx and is a zip archive, inside of which is usually a copy of the license.

Privacy and security

  • Ghostery is a behavioral advertising blocker. Proprietary license.
  • LastPass is an online password safe. Proprietary license.
  • NotScripts is a JavaScript blocker. Open source.
  • Redirect to HTTPS: Automatically redirects you to the secure version of web pages. Open source.


  • AdBlock Plus is an ad blocker that improves on Opera’s built-in blocker. Open source.
  • CleanPages improves the readability of web pages by removing clutter and enhancing the layout. Open source.
  • Search In New Tab adds an option in the context menu to search selected text in a new tab. It’s not strictly necessary: pressing the keyboard’s shift key while selecting the context menu’s native search option does the same thing. But I always forget this trick, so I find this extension useful. Unknown license.
  • Translator: Translates web pages or selected text using your choice of online machine translators. This is one extension I authorize for secure pages and private tabs. Unknown license.
  • Up For Everyone adds a site availability check to Opera’s “Network Problem” error screen when a requested URL is unavailable. It answers the question “is it just me, or is this site really down?” Open source.


  • Facebook Blocker complements NotScripts (see above) for Facebook users. It blocks Facebook scripts from running while on third-party sites, thus preventing Facebook from tracking your browsing behavior. When you’re on Facebook itself, scripts run fine. Open source.

Web development

  • SeoQuake provides data useful for search engine optimization and web site promotion. Open source.

Extensions are automatically updated.

If you’re having trouble installing an extension, right-click on the install button and download the extension’s file to your computer. When downloaded, drag the file into Opera to install the extension. If it fails, the download was corrupted, presumably for the same reason the installation via normal means failed. Try again as needed.

I haven’t tried it, but it is said that you can share extensions preferences between computers by using a synchronization service such as SpiderOak or DropBox.


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