NoScript is an open source JavaScript blocker for Firefox.

It allows active content to run only from trusted sites, and protects against cross site scripting and clickjacking attacks. Once installed, open the preferences (Menu button – Add-ons – Extensions – NoScript – Preferences) and tweak as desired. My preferred non-default options are:

  • General – Temporarily allow top-level sites by default: Enabled for base 2nd level domains.
  • General – Allow sites opened through bookmarks: Enabled.
  • Whitelist: I review the sites that are approved by default and delete those I don’t need.
  • Embeddings: Forbid Flash and Silverlight. Don’t forbid @font-face.
  • Notifications: Disable “show message about blocked scripts” and “display the release notes on updates”.

The above settings provide what I find to be a good balance between security and usability, but every use case is different. For additional security, consider:

  • General – Temporarily allow top-level sites by default: Disabled.
  • Embeddings: Forbid @font-face.

For increased usability (e.g. for public access kiosks or to protect irresponsible users from themselves), consider:

  • TODO
  • Appearance – Status bar label: Disable, to discourage end users from monkeying around with the settings

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