Opera as a feed reader

Opera is more than my favorite browser, it is also a convenient feed reader, handling Atom and RSS feeds.

These notes are based on Opera 12.16 and assume you have already configured Opera generally. Version 15 of the Opera browser is substantially different and does not have a feed reader.

In the top right corner is a wrench icon marked “Default mail settings”. Press it and set as desired. I prefer:

  • Mail layout: List and message below.
  • Maximize messages: No. I have to select and then deselect this for it to take effect.
  • Default list sorting: Sort by sent date; do not group.
  • Mark as read: After two seconds.

Opera Link does not synchronize feed subscriptions, so you will have to export and import them manually. Export your feeds at Configuration – Import and Export – Export Feeds. The resulting file can be imported into another instance of Opera at Configuration – Import and Export – Import Feeds.

TODO: After doing the above, all my feeds’ update frequencies were reset to the default three hours. Next time, review the export file with a code editor to determine if the problem occurs during export or import. If the former, use a global search and replace in the code editor to fix the problem.

Where Opera’s per-user files are found depends on which operating system you use:

  • Linux: ~/.opera/mail/
  • Windows Vista or later:¬†%sysdrive%\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail\
  • Windows PortableApps:¬†%drive%\PortableApps\OperaPortable\mail\

The list of subscribed feeds is in a file with a name of the form incoming?.txt, where ? is an integer. You’ll have to open all files of this type to identify which one lists your feeds. This is the file to back up.

The feed files are in the newsfeed/ directory, one item per file. I don’t need to save them, so I exclude this directory from my backup set. Being often-changing, they can also overrun the available space in a sync-based backup system.


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