Subtitle tools

Open source tools for working with subtitles. …

Linux, Mac, and Windows. Waveform and keyframe support. Probably more full featured and complicated than the average user needs.

Linux (Gnome). Supports text-based formats. Requires mono.

Linux (GTK) and Windows. Supports text-based formats. Spellchecking. Beta. It's what I use on Windows, but I miss not having waveform and keyframe support.

Dead project.

Linux, Mac, and Windows (Java). Supports binary and text-based formats. Supports frame rate conversion.

Linux (KDE). Edit, make and save subtitles in SRT format. Some poor reviews.

Linux (command line tool). Convert subtitles from microdvd or subrip (.sub) to .srt format. It does not convert DVD subtitles or vobsub, which despite also having the extension .sub are different formats. No man file, but sub2srt –help is helpful.

Subtitle Composer
Linux (KDE). Supports basic operations as well as more advanced ones, aiming to become an improved version of Subtitle Workshop. Beta.

Subtitle Editor
Linux, BSD (GTK). Supports text and binary formats. Waveform and keyframe support. Beta. It's what I use on Linux, but controls are not intuitive or efficient.

Subtitle Files Handling Under Linux: dated but still useful


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3 Responses to Subtitle tools

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Hey, nice list. I started off with 'gnome subtitles' on linux, but then I found 'subtitle editor' and it seems so much more powerful. At first I was confused about the controls, there seemed to be barely any hotkeys! Then I found: Preferences -> General -> Use dynamic keyboard shortcuts, and went through the process of tailoring my own hotkeys, and it's awesome. Not sure if that's what you meant by unintuitive… sorry if you already knew this! Cheers!

  2. wpost says:

    Hey, thanks for that tip — that does help usability for me.

  3. webdarek says:

    thank you for this list,

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