Using SIW Portable

SIW (System Information for Windows) gathers information about system properties on a single computer and generates reports useful for software and hardware inventory, asset inventory, software license management, security audit, or server configuration management. It is proprietary but available at no cost for non-commercial use.

Install SIW Portable as you would any Portable App, or directly from the project page.

If you wish to use SIW in a language other than English, download the appropriate localization file to SIW Portable’s installation root directory. On my USB stick, that is %drive%\PortableApps\SIWPortable\. We will configure SIW to use it below.

Open Tools – Options and configure as desired. The default settings produces such a lengthy and detailed report that you may want to disable some options according to your needs. The options I find most useful are:

  • Report – Software: Enable Operating System, Applications, Security
  • Report – Hardware: Enable System Summary, Motherboard, BIOS, CPU Info, Memory, Devices, System Slots, Video, Storage Devices, Logical Disks, Battery, Printers
  • Report – Network: Enable Network Information, Neighborhood Scan, RAS Information

If you wish to enable a localization file you installed above, then in General – Language, change the language from “English” to “External” and press Save.

Go to File – Create Report File – HTML. The other file formats shown are not available in the no-cost version. The no-cost version places advertising banners and a request for donations on the report.

On Linux, similar tools are hardinfo (GUI) and lshw (console). Both are open source.


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