FreeMind is open source mind-mapping software written in Java.

Before you begin, make sure Java is properly installed on your system.

For Linux, Freemind is included in many distros’ package managers. For Windows, download the appropriate version from the project page.

Freemind is also available for Windows as a Portable App. As of this writing it remains in beta, so it is not offered in the App Store. Instead, download the latest version from the project page and install it manually into your Portable Apps’ installation directory, usually %drive%\PortableApps\. Despite being beta, it’s worked flawlessly for me.

Configure FreeMind as desired. Non-default settings I prefer include:

On the main menu:

  • View – Deactivate left or secondary toolbar
  • Hide note window

In Tools – Preferences:

  • Environment – Files – Last Opened List Length: 5
  • Defaults – Default Fonts – Max Node and ToolTip widths: 200 pixels
  • (Linux only) HTML – Browser – Default Browser Command Other OS: As desired. I use Opera, so I enter opera -newtab {0}

Restart FreeMind to see the results of your changes.

Freemind’s per-user configuration files are in ~/.freemind/ on Linux, and %systemdrive%\Users\USER\.freemind\¬†on Windows. I add Freemind’s configuration file to my backup set and exclude all other files in that directory. On Windows, I also set the hidden attribute on the .freemind\ directory.

I have since moved on to Freeplane, a fork developed by a former developer of FreeMind.

Project site
Alternatives to FreeMind


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