SeoQuake is a browser extension that provides data useful for search engine optimization and web site promotion. …

It is available for Firefox and Opera, and perhaps other browsers.

First, install SeoQuake in your browser. Depending upon your browser and version of SeoQuake, a preferences wizard may run. I prefer to open SeoQuake's preferences and set things manually. How this is done depends upon your browser:

In Firefox
The following refers to an older version of SeoQuake, and the configuration window has since changed. I haven't revisited SeoQuake configuration in Firefox since then.

Open SeoQuake's preferences at Tools – SeoQuake – Preferences. My preferred non-default options are:

  • SeoQuake style: Seotoolbar
  • Seotoolbar preferences: On load
  • Plugins preferences: I disable Baidu and Yandex, and choose to load parameters on load

In Opera
Open SeoQuake's preferences by

TODO: Finish this section.

SeoQuake takes a lot of bandiwdth, so I prefer to leave it disabled except when I'm actively using it. Click on the SeoQuake icon; where this is found depends upon your browser:

  • Firefox: Lower right corner of the viewport
  • Opera: Upper right corner of the viewport

TODO: Finish this section.

These notes refer to SeoQuake 2.7.5 for Firefox 6, and 1.1 for Opera 11.5. They were last updated 25 August 2011.


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