Using LastPass

LastPass is a browser extension that provides an online password safe.

Update 10 December 2015: I’ve since moved on to Encryptr. It’s not as full featured as LastPass but is considerably safer, which is the whole point of a password safe. To the best of my knowledge the notes below remain correct.

It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers.

Attempting to install on Opera often fails with an error message. Installing it manually works around the issue.

In May 2011 LastPass servers may have suffered a data breach. There is a risk to storing passwords or other sensitive data on the net. In my case, the benefits outweigh the risk, but for some users it might make more sense to store passwords locally with a tool such as KeePass or KeePassX. If like me you decide to use LastPass, read Four things you should know about LastPass.

To use the LastPass extension, you must allow JavaScript for the domain


Some websites’ login forms have unusual coding that don’t play well with LastPass. For example, on one site if I let LastPass fill in my credentials I get an incorrect username or password error when I attempt to log in. If on the other hand I have LastPass copy my username to the clipboard and paste it into the username field, then do the same with the password, then I can log in without error.

For such websites it’s best to force-save the site with the “Save All Entered Data” feature. I opened the login page at and manually entered my credentials but did not log in. Per your instructions I clicked on the LastPass icon and selected Tools – Save All Entered Data. An Add Site window popped up. I gave the new site a unique name. I logged in to the site, then logged out and closed the browser.

To check my work I reopened the browser and used LastPass to go to LastPass logged me right in, no problem.

LastPass help center


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5 Responses to Using LastPass

  1. anonymous says:

    Jenny Sleer writes:I'm surprised Last Pass is still standing after that security breach, I just read that article you linked and I am shocked that the company is still around. later

  2. anonymous says:

    Phil Blake writes:I personally have switched to RoboForm, they have never had a security issue in the history of the company, not to say it is impossible, but their service has passed some pretty stringent tests, enough to be in use by government agencies. My bank even uses RoboForm (Wells Fargo)! I would recommend this program over any others ESPECIALLY lastpass.

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