Ghostery is a proprietary browser extension that blocks behavioral advertising. It detects and blocks trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by ad networks, behavioral data providers, and web publishers. …

It is available for Firefox, Opera, and other browsers.

First, install Ghostery in your browser. A setup wizard will run; set options as desired. Then I prefer to open Ghostery's preferences and set things manually. How this is done depends upon your browser:

  • Firefox: Tools – Ghostery – Manage Ghostery Options.
  • Opera: Extensions – Manage Extensions. Find Ghostery, then click on the wrench icon and choose "Preferences".

My preferred non-default options are:

  • General – Sharing – Ghost Rank: I enable it, although others argue that it should be disabled
  • General – Auto Update: Enable
  • Advanced – Display Options: Disable alert bubble
  • Advanced – Auto Update: Block new elements by default

When configured as above, Ghostery will automatically update its web bug list. In Firefox, however, new bugs added to the list are disabled by default. I know of no solution to this; I have to periodically open Ghostery's configuration in Firefox and manually select all bugs to block.

In April 2013 Lifehacker recommended the open source Disconnect. Opera users should note that Disconnect for Opera requires at least Opera 15, so Ghostery remains a good option for Opera users not yet running the latest version.

These notes refer to Ghostery 2.5.3 for Firefox and 0.10.0 for Opera, and were last updated 8 July 2013.


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