Importing contacts into Opera Mail

How to import contacts from another mail client into Opera Mail.

In your other mail client, export your contacts to CSV format. If exporting from Evolution, see the notes on exporting Evolution contacts.

Go here and upload your CSV file following the instructions:

Opera Mail has only a few coarse-grained fields, so you will probably have to merge data and manually edit it later. To merge, for example, the other client’s fields first_name and last_name into Opera’s single field “Full Name”, merely select “Full Name” to correspond with both first_name and last_name. The fields will be merged.

Once you have downloaded the converted file, probably named “importedcontacts.adr”, open it in a text editor and make certain there are no incorrectly converted characters. If there are, search and replace them.

Import the converted file into Opera with Settings – Import and Export – Import Opera Contacts.

You will want to check and manually edit contact data, particularly merged fields. For “Picture URL” you may use either network or local images. Known acceptable formats are jpg and png. Local images are specified in the form:


These notes were last updated 5 July 2012 with reference to Opera 11.64 on Linux.

Opera Mail contacts tips and tricks


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7 Responses to Importing contacts into Opera Mail

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Thank you for the having this on the web.

  2. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Thanks for your advice Warren!Cheers, Gary.

  3. wpost says:

    Glad to help!

  4. anonymous says:

    Houalet claude writes:Salut !Votre "moulinette" de transformation marche super bien !J'ai transformé mes contacts GMAIL en contacts OPERA en peu de temps, alors que cela faisait 2 jours que je cherchais !!Bien sûr c'est un peu embrouillé…mais c'est un peu de travail à faire encore pour moi.MERCI BEAUCOUP !

  5. wpost says:

    Glad to help, Claude — salut!

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