Redirect to HTTPS for Opera

Redirect to HTTPS is an extension for the Opera browser that automatically redirects you to the secure version of specified web sites. It also modifies the links on pages you open to make them point directly to the HTTPS version.

Update: This once excellent extension hasn’t been updated since 2011, and does not work on Opera 12.10 or later. A number of Redirect to HTTPS users have since moved on to RePlaceTeXt.

Once installed, configure Redirect to HTTPS. Open the Manage Extensions tab (from Opera’s menu button, Extensions – Manage Extensions) and find Redirect to HTTPS. Press its configuration button (indicated by a gear icon) and select “Preferences”. Configure as desired.

The only thing I change is to disable the online file viewer. Out of the box, attempting to download any file type understood by the Google Documents viewer is intercepted, and the file is instead displayed in the viewer. I find this behavior both unrelated to the purpose of the extension and unwanted, so I disable it. On the preferences screen go to Backup. Copy the backup text from the export field into the import field. Find the portion that defines the file extensions to be intercepted and sent to the viewer, which will be something similar to:


I prefer to disable the viewer entirely, so I delete all extensions:


Click anywhere outside of the input field to apply the new settings. The developer has stated that a future version of Redirect to HTTPS will remove the viewer; I for one am eagerly awaiting that.

Out of the box, Redirect to HTTPS comes with rules to work with many popular web sites, but of course it cannot be expected to be aware of every site you frequent. You can add your own rules (Preferences – Rules) to expand the sites Redirect to HTTPS works with, and for best performance you can also delete the rules you don’t need.

Perhaps the following cheat sheet will help you add your own rules:

TODO: Document how to synchronize settings across multiple installations using SpiderOak. Document what to back up. On a Windows Vista box, I see Redirect to HTTPS stuff in %systemdrive%\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\widgets\wuid-RANDOM-HEX-ID\, but I don’t see anything that is obviously a configuration file, not even when viewed with a hex editor.

These notes are based upon Redirect to HTTPS 2.11 and were last updated 27 September 2012.


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