Chat solutions for Joomla

There are a number of chat solutions available for Joomla. Here is an overview of those I’ve had occasion to consider.

jPFChat: Open source. My current pick.

Joomla Facebook Chat: Open source. User interface similar to Facebook’s chat. Can only accommodate one-on-one chats and not multiple participants. Localized into Spanish. On one installation (rhuk_milkyway template using two columns), an empty third column appeared. Uninstallation requires two steps: (1) Extensions – Install/Uninstall – Components, then uninstall FBChat, and (2) Extensions – Module Manager – Site, then delete the module with no name.

Microed Rapid Chat: Unknown license. Not localized into Spanish.

The Joomla Extensions Directory has chat solutions annoyingly scattered across several categories. Not all are placed in categories I would consider the most logical, so if you don’t find anything that meets your needs in the most appropriate category, then consider other categories. Categories I’ve looked at include:

  • Chat: Just what it says on the tin. I look here first.
  • Hosted Chat: Web-based chat, scripts running on external servers, chat services integration, chat bridges.
  • Shoutbox: Short messages posted on a website.
  • Live Support: One-on-one conversations with site users.

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