CD/DVD burner applications for Linux

Linux has a number of CD and DVD burner applications. Here are my observations on those I’ve tried.

Brasero: GTK/Gnome. Default burner application for many Gnome-based distros. The cleanest, easiest-to-use burner I’ve tried. As is the case with many Gnome applications, its too-clean design eliminates advanced options and diagnostic messages (including to stdout!), so it will either “just work” or “just fail” with no indication of why or what to do. I’d like to make it my choice but it has silently failed me too often to be useful.

K3B: Qt/KDE. Default burner application for many KDE-based distros. Full-featured yet simple to use. Like KDE applications generally, it’s a heavyweight: on one box without KDE, installing it brought in a quarter of a gigabyte of dependencies.

Graveman: GTK. Light and simple. Works fine for me, but the fact that it has not been updated since 2006 gives me pause.

Xfburn: GKT/Xfce. Light and simple. My choice.


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