Using GradeL

GradeL is a gradebook application, where a teacher keeps grades and attendance records for his students. It is in beta but is under active development and works well enough for my daily use.

Being in beta, bugs and features may change greatly from one release to another. The following refers to version 0.12.2.

Can track attendance. Works fine with non-ASCII characters (e.g. ├▒).

Binary packages were not available for my distribution, so I downloaded the source code of version 0.12.2. Per the README, I first installed the following packages from my package manager:

  • gambas2-devel (not explicitly mentioned in README, but required)
  • gambas2-gb-form
  • gambas2-gb-net
  • gambas2-gb-net-curl
  • gambas2-gb-qt
  • gambas2-gb-qt-ext
  • gambas2-runtime

I then installed GradeL with checkinstall thus:

$ sh ./
$ su
# checkinstall sh ./
# rpm -Uh /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/i586/gradel-x.x.x.i586.rpm

There is a well documented end-user wiki and an active user forum.

Issues I have encountered in the current build are:

  • Dates are displayed in U.S. short format, MM/DD/YY, and there appears to be no way to change this.
  • The period and exam weights control (found in Setup) does not accept changes. As a workaround, I edit the values directly in filename.gdl.
  • Upon launch, GradeL will automatically load the previous file used. If the previous file has been moved or renamed, GradeL will fail to open and send an error message to stdout. Workaround: Open the configuration file ~/.gradel and find the line that specifies the previously used file. Delete, edit, or comment out (with a hash) that line. Save the configuration file and relaunch GradeL.

The configuration file ~/.gradel can be safely excluded from your backup set.

If GradeL does not suit your needs, there are other gradebook applications for Linux.


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