TeamViewer is multi-platform remote desktop software, allowing a user on one computer to take control of a remote computer. Uses include remote support, presentation, and file transfer.

TeamViewer is proprietary but is available at no cost for non-commercial use.

Like all remote desktop software, TeamViewer uses a client-server model. Server software runs on the computer to be viewed or controlled, allowing others to access it. Client software runs on another computer in order to view or control the server. This distinction is obscured somewhat by TeamViewer’s all-in-one version, which can operate as either a server or a client.

On the server, download and install the appropriate version of TeamViewer, usually either quick support or all-in-one.

On the client, download and install the all-in-one version.

On the server, open TeamViewer. You will see an ID number and password; provide these to the person operating the client and wait for the client to initiate a session.

On the client, open TeamViewer. In the “Create session” section, enter the server’s ID, select what kind of session you wish to initiate, and press “Connect to partner”. You will be prompted for the server’s password.

If TeamViewer is not what you’re looking for, there are other remote desktop solutions.


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