Excluding files from malware scanners

Sometimes malware scanners will suffer false positives and flag a benign application you need. To address this, most scanners will allow you to exclude files or directories from scanning. …

Scan the item you wish to exclude. In Ad-Aware's scan results, under action choose "Add all to ignore list". Press "Perform Actions Now".

Before trying to place the software installer on the computer, in Virus Scanners – Virus Scanners – File System, disable automatic file system protection and press "Save". If you fail to do this, your software installer may be silently deleted or placed in quarantine.

Install the software.

In Virus Scanners – Advanced – Exclusion, select the file or directory to exclude. Re-enable automatic file system protection.

After installing the desired software, in Tools – Options – Exclude Files and Folders, click "Add". Select the file or directory to exclude and click "OK". Click "Save" to save the changes.

Reboot the computer and insure the installed software works as intended. Have your malware scanner perform a manual scan of the computer and insure that the excluded software was not detected. Then test the installed software's operation a final time.


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