Enabling IBM Dominio Web Access in Internet Explorer

How to make Internet Explorer play nicely with IBM Domino Web Access.

IBM Domino Web Access is a popular webmail application in the corporate world, and its use is required by some employers. Properly configured, it works with all major browsers. Judging by the many queries on the net reporting difficulties, however, it seems many Domino installations are faulty and only work with Internet Explorer. Furthermore, a properly locked down IE won’t work with Domino Web Access, either. What to do?

First, make sure the problem is not on your end:

  • Download and install Java
  • Test your Java installation in your preferred browser
  • Confirm that Java and JavaScript are both enabled in your preferred browser for your webmail domain (e.g. “example.com”)

Assuming the problem is not on your end, the ideal solution is to convince your corporate IT staff to fix the configuration problem in their Domino server. Easier said than done, I know. But for what it’s worth, here’s the relevant IBM technote describing the problem and its easy solution. Once they’ve fixed their problem, then you are free to use your preferred browser.

More likely they’ll reject outright any suggestion that their current setup is anything less than perfect and you will be told to quit whining and use Internet Explorer “like everyone else does”. Been there, done that.

If you must use Internet Explorer, first lock it down. Then launch IE and open Tools – Internet Options – Security. Select Trusted Sites and press “Sites”. Add your webmail domain (e.g. https://www.example.com/). Press “Close” and then “Accept”. Domino Web Access should now work in IE.


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