Installing, configuring, and using EventList

EventList is a Joomla extension to manage and present events for your group, company or community.

Update September 2012: I haven’t tried it and it isn’t in the Joomla extensions directory yet, but the developer has released EventList for Joomla 2.5. My experience with EventList is limited to version 1.0.1 on Joomla 1.5.

As with any extension, back up your site before installing EventList.

Download the latest stable version of EventList. You will need at least the main component. You might also want some of the optional modules, plug-ins, translations, or third-party software available. I downloaded the Latest Events module, Joomfish content elements plugin and the Spanish translation.

Install EventList at Extensions – Install/Uninstall. Click on “Choose” and select the downloaded main component. Then click on “Upload File & Install”. Repeat this for any optional software. Joomfish content elements, however, are always installed at Components – Joomfish – Content Elements – Install.

Support for repeating events in EventList 1.0.1 requires a third-party plugin. Install it at Extensions – Install/Uninstall as above. Built in support for repeating events is planned for the upcoming version 1.1 of EventList 1.1.

This section is adapted from EventList’s quick start guide at Components – Event List – Help

As a Super Administrator, open the EventList control panel at Components – EventList:

Once in the control panel, EventList’s configuration is found in Settings. In Basic Settings – Image Handling, enable thumbnailing if available. Change other parameters as desired.

Still in EventList’s control panel, go to Categories and create at least one category. For example, if you have a music site you could use Rock, Ska, Electronic, etc. For each category you can set access permission levels. All events assigned to this category will only be visible for the group you have given access to. If you aren’t sure what to do here, simply create a category named default and work with it for now.

You will probably want to create and publish at least one menu item for EventList in the Joomla menu manager. EventList offers many different menu views:

  • A simple list of events
  • A category listing
  • A category listing with limited number of events as preview
  • A listing of the current day
  • A detailed venue listing
  • To a specified event
  • To a category with all events assigned to it
  • To a venue with all events assigned to it
  • To the event submission form
  • To the venue submission form
  • A simple list of events and registrations the user submitted

See the demo for examples of some of them. When you create the menu item, don’t forget to assign any non-default template you might want to associate with it.

If you installed any modules, configure them at Extensions – Module Manager – Site. Using as an example the Latest Events module, find it in the Module Manager and open it for editing. In Details, enable it and set its desired location in Menu Assignment. Set any other desired parameters and press “Save”.

If you installed any plugins, configure them at Extensions – Plugin Manager. Using as an example the Repeat Event Plugin, find it in the Module Manager and open it for editing. In “Details”, enable it. Set the “Anticipation windows in days” value as desired (default value is 30). See “Repeating Events”, below, for a discussion of this setting. Set any other desired parameters and press “Save”.

Add the EventList project feed to your preferred feed reader or Joomla’s control panel, and from there monitor security updates.

If you will delegate day-to-day EventList administration to someone else, that user needs access to Joomla’s backend. I recommend assigning that user to the Manager group, which grants the least privileges needed.

If you will want to assign a venue to an event you should create the venue before creating the event. Create a venue at Components – EventList – Venues – New.

Create an event at Components – EventList – Events – New. The required fields are Event title, Category, and Details – Date. Details – Start and End (optional) are the starting and ending times of the event and if given must be in 24 hour format. Set any other desired parameters and press “Save”.

When creating or editing an event, open “Repeating Events” and set as desired. The field “By the end of” is for the ending date. To the right of that field are two icons: a calendar (click to open a calendar) and a looping arrow (click to set the repetition to the maximum time allowed; more on this below). Press “Save” as you normally would.

You will be returned to the list of events. Notice that the repeating events haven’t yet been generated. To generate them, do two things. First, go to Components – EventList – Housekeeping and press “Trigger autoarchive”. Second, acting as a site visitor, click on a menu item for EventList as you created above in “Configuration”. The act of loading this page generates the repeating events.

Now, a few notes on repeating events:

When you generate a repeating event as described above, a separate event is created for each date. This implies that you should not create an event that repeats forever: it would consume infinite space in your database. To protect you, EventList won’t let you create repeating events beyond X days in the future. By default that limit is 30 days and is set in the parameter “Anticipation windows in days” described above. That looping arrow button I mentioned above will make the event repeat up to this limit.

Consider another implication of each instance being a separate event. Imagine that you generate five years of weekly meetings, and later the meeting place is changed. You would have to manually edit or delete each previously generated meeting separately. So this suggests that it’s not in your interest to generate too many repetitions at a time.

If you use Community Builder, the CB Eventlist My Events extension provides integration between EventList and Community Builder.

If you find EventList to be useful, please consider making a donation to the project.

Project site
Support forum
EventList doesn’t do it for you? Check out these alternatives.


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34 Responses to Installing, configuring, and using EventList

  1. anonymous says:

    davide writes:Hi Warren,I'm davide from Italy,i write to you for ask if is possible (and how) export to csv, the list events on eventlist;so, becouse im using the SVN eventlist version for the import ability (csv), and i need an running example of csv file..GASP!

  2. wpost says:

    Hi Davide, I'm sorry but that's something I've not ever looked in to. Perhaps someone on the EventList forum could help?

  3. anonymous says:

    davide writes:i've wrote ( nothing, GASP!thanks ;-)

  4. wpost says:

    I can only take a wild guess, then: maybe export the relevant MySQL table to CSV? phpMyAdmin or another MySQL tool might let you do this.

  5. anonymous says:

    Anonymný writes:Hi I cannot see any Module called "LATEST EVENTLIST"So I don't know how to enable it. Any ideas? Installation finished successfuly. Thanks

  6. wpost says:

    The Latest Events module is optional and needs to be downloaded and installed separately. You can download it here: successfully installed, it should appear in Extensions – Module Manager. If it's not appearing there, then the module isn't successfully installed.

  7. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:How do you enable an RSS feed from your Eventlist? The Eventlist website says it's possible, but I don't understand how to turn it on (and can't find it on their website).

  8. anonymous says:

    FloBo writes:Hi,Ive read your Howto unfortunatly I cant get to the settings. I only see the main menu Eventlist but no submenu ? Thx for any help, I already ask google but without success.

  9. wpost says:

    @Anonymous: I've never tried to enable an RSS feed from EventList. That sounds like a useful feature but I don't know how to do it.@FloBo: From Joomla's back end, select Components – EventList. The EventList control panel will open. Horizontally across the top is the submenu: EventList, Events, Venues, Categories, Archive, Groups, Help, Settings. I've also clarified this point in the article and illustrated it with a screen shot; hope this helps.

  10. anonymous says:

    FloBo writes:@Warren: Thank's for your quick answer. But after I clicked on EventList the panel opens without Settings visible. The submenu contains last Help.

  11. anonymous says:

    FloBo writes:@Warren: I just found the reason why I cant see the Settings button. My user has only Administrator and not the Super ADministrator rights. Thanks a lot for your help.

  12. wpost says:

    Ah, I wouldn't have thought of that… thanks for sharing your solution. Glad it's working for you.

  13. anonymous says:

    Marie writes:Hi Warren! Thanks for a nice "explanation" of EventList. I have one problem thow: I can't get the repetition to work. I visit the back end and goes to Housekeeping and press "Trigger autoarchive" and then I go back to the EventList in front end; but the event isn't repeated. Do you have any ideas what's wrong??

  14. anonymous says:

    Anonym writes:Waren,if the title of the event is to long, it cuts the rest of it.If have enabled word wrap in the CSS file to display events with longer titles – works great.(css property: white-space:nowrap)But: if you have several events on the same day, its difficult to see on the calendar, because there is no 'seperator' between the events.Is it possible to add automatically e.g. a 'Bulletpoint' bevore the event title to seperate "multi line" events on the same day ?

  15. wpost says:

    I'm sorry but that's something I've not ever looked in to. Perhaps someone on the EventList forum could help?

  16. anonymous says:

    efduggan writes:Hi Warren,Thanks for posting a good article on Eventlist. I see you've been directing questions to the Forum. Currently the forum is being hosted on JLV Solutions at invite any user experiencing issues to search the forum, and post if they need help.regards,Edmond

  17. wpost says:

    Edmond, thanks for the info and forum URL. I've added it above. Cheers!

  18. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Hi Warren, tahnks for posting the support forum link.regards,Edmond

  19. wpost says:

    Thanks, solonzenetzis!

  20. anonymous says:

    Anonym writes:@solonzenetzisI just copied your php in my main joomla directory !!!But what now ? Where does it create the rss-Feed ?(sorry I am a newbie) LOL

  21. anonymous says:

    daniel writes:Yes, how can we use this script?

  22. anonymous says:

    daniel writes:Yeah finally I found an anser! hope some poor fella finds it useful. First you need Eventlist 1.1 then go to this place and install the utility. Disable the joomla syndication and enable the one yoy just installed. Then, the utility generates a link you can use for RSS. It bloody works.

  23. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:I'm using Eventlist 1.1 and have an eventlist RSS feed by default without doing anything…Feeds are even disabled in my manager menuis that normal ?

  24. wpost says:

    That's a problem I've not encountered. Perhaps someone on the EventList forum could help?

  25. anonymous says:

    EventList Moderator writes:Hi Everybody,EventList 1.0.2 stable for Joomla was release late November of 2011. :-)Support for it and past versions are available on the forum, so if you cannot find an answer to your problem here, search the forum and post if you didn't find an answer.regards,E DugganEventList Forum Moderator

  26. wpost says:

    Yep, that's the ideal place to go for EventList support. That's where the devs and the power users hang out. Thanks again, Edmond.

  27. anonymous says:

    Roman writes:greet article! every time, when i want to make a repeating event i looking for this article first :)

  28. wpost says:

    Glad to be of help, Roman! And don't forget the EventList forum cited above for anything this article doesn't cover.

  29. anonymous says:

    tommi writes:I saw the RSS script for the Eventlist 1.1Can anybody modify it for the 1.0.1 version???I really need it….

  30. anonymous says:

    valta79 writes:hello Warren, For repeat event: for this moment, he doens't work. I click on housekeeping and after i will go in my website and I click on my menu (simple list)Could you help me?www.crossfit50.bethank you

  31. wpost says:

    valta79, I suggest you ask the experts on the EventList forum cited above. They know a lot more than I do.

  32. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:cant get it to work.Help description does not fit real world.Where the h… is 'Settings'?!?

  33. anonymous says:

    Michael writes:I'm having issues with creating events from frontside…i can enter all information but it does not save the events.. ??From backside (administrator panel) it works just fine.But problem is that i need registrered users to be able to create events that other people can attend…Can you help me ?Michael(

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