Linking to internal content in Joomla

Joomla newbies often ask how to link text in one content item to another. There are several different ways to do this; here I describe one easy method using JCE Editor.

First, insure that JCE Editor is installed and its advanced link plugin is enabled, because that’s what we’ll be using. The plugin you want is named “advanced link”; don’t confuse it with the basic link plugin named simply “link”.

Open for editing the content item you wish to link from. By “content item” I mean anything you can add text to: articles, sections, categories, whatever. Assuming your text is already written, select the word(s) you want to link from. Press the Insert/Edit Link button; a dialog window opens. In the portion of the window labeled “Link Browser”, navigate to the content you want to link to. If you’re not sure where to look, open “Content” and look inside it. Find the content item you wish and click on it to select it. (It does not change appearance to show that it has been selected, but notice that the URL field at the top of the window now has the selected element’s URL. Press “Insert”. The dialog window closes.

Press “Apply” or “Save” in the content item’s editing window and you are done. If you want to check your work (and I suggest you do), open your content item in a separate browser tab and check that the new link exists and works.


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4 Responses to Linking to internal content in Joomla

  1. anonymous says:

    yarden writes:Hi there, In order to show one page for some users and another page for others, would like to run javascript for menu items.Do you know of a way to activate javascript on menu item(s)?With kind regards,yarden

  2. wpost says:

    Sorry, I'm afraid I'm not much of a JavaScript guy and so have never tried using it with Joomla. You might try looking on the Joomla documentation pages or asking on the Joomla user forums:

  3. anonymous says:

    yarden writes:Thanks a lot, another question, if i may:Do you have some advice for a beginner / 'Newbie' with Joomla VirtueMart (have never used it before).With kind regards,yarden

  4. wpost says:

    Heh, I have even less experience with VirtueMart than I do with JavaScript. Good luck to you, though.

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