Listings Manager notes

Listings Manager is a specialty CMS for web-based listings such as realty or automobiles. It is a discontinued product of Interactive Tools, but it continues to work well for one of my clients. …

As the world moves from ISO to UTF charsets, save yourself grief and define UTF as your charset in all templates (found in listman/templates). I don't now remember if Listings Manager uses iso-8859-1 by default, or if I foolishly chose to set it up that way, but using iso-8859-1 causes (for example) "á" entered in the listing editor to sometimes appear to site visitors as "�", under conditions I don't understand.

If you apply this fix retroactively to a working site, be prepared for a lot of work:

  1. Replace (for example) charset=iso-8859-1 with charset=utf-8 in every template.
  2. Republish all listings (in Listings Manager, Setup Options – Database Options).
  3. Manually review every listing. All non-ASCII characters will now appear incorrectly, even those that appeared correctly before. Manually edit each listing as required.

The documentation calls for promiscuous permissions for installation and use. Like many users, I'm uncomfortable leaving directories at 777, so I enabled suEXEC on the server, allowing safer permissions of 755 for directories and 644 for files. How suEXEC is enabled depends on your web host.

Manual and Reference Guide
Community support forum
Pair Networks: Enabling suEXEC


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