Installing and configuring Community Builder

Community Builder (CB) is the most popular means of extending Joomla’s user management system in order to manage an online community. Powerful and extensible, it is also daunting for the first time user. These notes document what I’ve learned about it per my needs, so are by no means complete.

The following describes installation and configuration on Joomla 1.5. I have not yet had an opportunity to try Community Builder on more recent versions of Joomla.

First, register as a user at Joomlapolis (JavaScript required), the project site of Community Builder. There are several levels of registration available; a basic one is free. Once registered you will be able to download material from the site. At a minimum, enter the free member download area and download the latest stable version of Community Builder component. A number of other optional materials are available: some are free for all registered members, while others are limited to paid subscribers. A few of these optional materials are:

  • CB Admin Menu Navigation Module: Free. Adds redundant access to CB in Joomla’s administrative backend, as an additional menu entry and/or control panel button. For my purposes it is redundant.
  • CB Autowelcome Plugin: Free. Sends automatic welcome messages to new members. TODO: Test and document configuration and use.
  • CB Contacts Component: Free. Replaces the Joomla core Contacts component and provides better integration with CB. Not needed unless you require contacts separate from CB members. For my purposes having everyone as CB members is sufficient.
  • CB Language Plugins: Free. Adds additional languages to CB; not needed if all you need is the default English.

As you begin downloading, make note of any special installation instructions for each material.

I had repeated trouble downloading material from the site using Opera 10.01. Firefox gave fewer problems if one download was permitted to finish before queuing another.

Once downloaded to your local workstation, unzip the main CB package locally and follow the instructions in the included file “README-NEW-INSTALL.txt”. Do the same for any optional components or modules. Any optional CB plugins are installed at Components – Community Builder – Plugin Management, in the “Install New Plugin” section.

TODO: I installed the Spanish language plugin and it is enabled. Spanish appears as expected in the frontend of Joomla (when site visitor selects Spanish, frontend CB items appear in Spanish) but not in the backend (when a Spanish-prefering administrative account logs in, Joomla core appears in Spanish but CB appears in English). Is Spanish backend available?

Add the Community Builder project feed to your preferred feed reader or Joomla’s control panel, and from there monitor security updates.

Performing a security check after on installation of Community Builder, I discovered two new directories with inadvisable permissions (/images/comprofiler/ and /images/comprofiler/gallery/, both 777). I changed them to the recommended 755 with no ill effects.

List of features


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