Setting up the No-IP dynamic DNS mapping service

The No-IP free Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and redirection service maps a dynamic IP address to a URL such as

Sign up for the No-IP free dynamic DNS service. Decide on a hostname to use. On the computer you will be using the service with, log in to your No-IP account. Proceed to Hosts/Redirects – Add a Host. Enter the hostname you chose. For Host Type, select DNS Host (A). Press the “Create Host” button.

Using your distribution’s package manager, install the package noip. As root, run noip -C to configure it, answering the questions. Again as root, start the service (service noip start). Confirm that the noip service is configured to run on boot and is running now.

Download the dynamic DNS update client. Install it and follow the on-screen instructions to configure it. Select Options. Under Standard, choose to run as a system service.

Reboot the computer and ensure that dynamic the DNS update client is running.

No-IP free host names must be updated every 60 days to keep the account active. Running a properly configured dynamic DNS update client as documented above will keep the host name permanently updated.


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