Diagnosing networking problems in Windows

Things to try when you have problems with Windows networking. …

First, how you access networking settings gets changed in every version of Windows. In Vista and later, open Control Panel – Networks and Internet – Network and Shared Resources Center. If you are connected via a LAN, right click on "Local Area Connection" and select "Status". If you are connected via a local wireless connection such as WiFi, insure your local connection is defined as a domestic and not a public network.

The generic setting for connecting to many LANs and consumer grade ISPs is to use DHCP (not a fixed IP) and to automatically be provided with DNS servers. I personally like to use the OpenDNS servers.

ipconfig /all will show all network settings. You cannot copy and paste from the Windows terminal (is that pathetic or what?), but you can direct the output to a text file by appending > file.txt to the command.

Common advice for networking problems is to uninstall "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks," reboot, and reinstall them.

For stubborn problems, see the references.

You will probably want to start with Troubleshooting Network Neighborhood Problems
The Sysinternals Suite contains useful tools for networking and much more; an introduction to some of them can be found in this Introduction to the PsTools


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