Generating root menus with MenuMaker

MenuMaker is a menu generation utility. It is capable of finding lots of installed programs and generating a root menu consistent across all supported X window managers, so one will get (almost) the same menu no matter what window manager is selected. …

Supported X window managers (as of v. 0.99.6):

  • BlackBox
  • Deskmenu
  • FluxBox
  • IceWM
  • OpenBox, version 3
  • PekWM
  • WindowMaker
  • Xfce, version 4

Download the source code (see reference). As user, untar to a temporary directory ("tar -zxf menumaker-xx.tar.gz"). Enter the newly created menumaker/ directory and as user "./mmaker -h" to see available options. Then to create (for example) an OpenBox menu, using xfterm as the preferred terminal, "./mmaker -t xfterm OpenBox3". Done.

MenuMaker home page


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