Features of Atmail webmail as implemented at Pair Networks

Using Atmail webmail as implemented at Pair Networks.

Atmail has three interface styles, so you can choose the one that gives you the best tradeoff between features and speed. There is Basic, Simple, and Advanced:

* Basic: Bare bones; advanced features are unimplemented. Fastest; works even on obsolete browsers.
* Simple: Looks like Basic but implements most of Atmail’s features. Works on most modern browsers.
* Advanced: Completely different appearance. Full featured but slow. Works only in Firefox, which itself is slow.

You can select your interface on the login screen (click “More Options”) or once logged in:

* In the Basic and Simple interfaces: From the menu choose Settings. In the left column, choose Interface Style. In the “Login Style” drop-down control, select your choice and press “Save Setting”.
* In the Advanced interface: From the menu choose Preferences – Layout Type. In the drop-down control, select your choice and press “Save Setting”.

Experiment with them and see which interface (and which browser) best suits your needs.

Autocomplete requires the Simple or Advanced interface.

To forward a message as an attachment requires the latest version of Atmail. The version of Atmail used by Pair Networks does not implement this feature. To work around this, use Squirrelmail to forward as attachment.

Sorry, Pair Networks does not implement this feature. Two workarounds are available:

* Set other email accounts to forward their mail to the one account you check, so that you only have to check the one account

* Use a mail client such as Evolution instead of Atmail webmail, and configure it as desired

Personalities allow you to choose which email address you appear to be sending from. Your name and signature remain the same in every personality; if you need to have them change as part of your personality, consider RoundCube webmail or a mail client running on your computer such as Evolution.

To add a personality
From the menu, go to Tools – Multi Accounts. In the main window, find the “Create new Personality”, enter an email address, and press the “Add Account” button. Repeat this for as many personalities as you wish.

To use a personality
Press the “write message” button in the tool bar and select “new message”. A new composition window will open. In the “from” dropdown control, notice that your new personality is available.

The address book opens sorted by email address, but all you need to do is click on the name of whatever column you want to sort by. For example, click on the column “Full Name” to sort entries by last name.

Sorry, Pair Networks does not implement this feature. Instead, have your browser do your spell checking: Opera supports spell checking out of the box, and you can install language add-ons to Firefox.

Atmail project site (docs, knowledge base, forum, support tickets)


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