Converting audio file formats with soundkonverter

Sometimes you will want to convert audio files from one format to another. Perhaps you want to play your files on an MP3 player that can’t handle ogg, or you are running a lightwwight audio player that can’t handle your old wma files. Whatever the reason, soundkonverter is a nice GUI wrapper for numerous command line conversion tools.

1. As root, “urpmi soundkonverter libffmpeg51 gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg vorbisgain mp3gain”.

2. Can be run within Amarok with an optional script, but seems easier to use standalone. Doesn’t install a menu item, so launch from a terminal. Settings – Configure Soundkonverter.

General: Start in Mode: Simple. Process Priority: Low. Number of files to convert at once: 1.

Backends: Set all available options to green if possible and prefer ffmpeg to other options. Insure that ogg, mp3, and wma are available, and that replay gain is available for ogg and mp3.

3. Use the simple interface. Make sure it can convert wma to ogg. Add one file, set output to source directory, and test one file. Check to see that it works (filename and tags).

4. File – Add Folder and select the formats you want to convert from (e.g. wma). Set output format to ogg. Press start. When done, check filenames and tags. Delete old wma files.

5. Tools – Replay Gain Tool. Add current folder. Check “force recalculaton” and press “tag untagged”. Close.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all folders.

TODO: Is soundkonverter superior to transkode? Is there a non-KDE alternative?


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